Blinds Deal specialises in custom-made venetian blinds for homes in Tasmania. With years of experience, they produce high quality venetian blinds that are tailored to fit your window sizes and budget, delivering them right to your home in Tasmania.

Our range includes:

  • Roller blinds
  • Basswood and cedar venetian blinds
  • PVC venetian blinds
  • Vertical blinds

Enjoy the durability and flexibly by installing custom made to measure blinds, delivered straight to your door in Tasmania.

Benefits of custom made to measure blinds

There are several benefits to custom made to measure blinds:

  • Perfect fit: Custom made to measure blinds are tailored to fit your specific window sizes, ensuring a perfect fit every time. This helps to create a more polished and cohesive look in your home.
  • Improved functionality: Custom made to measure blinds can be designed to fit any window shape or size, including non-standard shapes and sizes. This means that you can have blinds that fully cover your windows, providing greater control over light and privacy.
  • Increased durability: Custom made to measure blinds are made to order, which means that they are typically of a higher quality than off-the-shelf blinds. This can result in increased durability and a longer lifespan for your blinds.
  • Greater design flexibility: With custom made to measure blinds, you have complete control over the design and style of your blinds. You can choose the material, colour, and pattern that best fits your home decor and personal style.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Custom made to measure blinds can be designed with energy efficiency in mind. For example, you can choose materials that reflect heat or block out light to help reduce your energy consumption.
  • Increased value: Custom made to measure blinds can add value to your home by improving its appearance and functionality. This can be especially important if you are planning to sell your home in the future.

Blinds are easy to measure as well as install, here is our measurement guide to help you complete the process yourself.  

Australia wide shipping for your timber blinds

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