Easy DIY tips when measuring residential Venetian blinds

Measuring windows for Venetian blinds may sound daunting, but the truth is, it’s quite easy. Getting custom Venetian blinds is an excellent way to spruce up a window. It’s also a great way to align the windows with the overall look of the room.

When it comes to measuring Venetian blinds, it is a straightforward process. First, grab paper and a pencil to take down the measurements. Apart from a pen and paper, you will also need a tape measure. These are the only “tools” required for measuring windows when planning to get custom Venetian blinds.

Step-by-step Guide to Measure for Venetian Blinds – ‘Inside’ Mount

Step-by-step Guide to Measure for Venetian Blinds – ‘Inside’ Mount

Before getting started with the actual measurement, ensure that the windows have a minimum depth of 60mm. This will provide a good fit inside the recess. A window with a depth of less than 60mm will mean that the blinds will be protruding. The first step in measuring windows is to draw a square or a rectangle on the paper. This represents the window frame where the Venetian blinds will be installed.

If more windows that need to be measured, label them accordingly. For example, whether it is “window 1 living room” or “window 3 guest room”, make sure it’s easy to understand. This will avoid any confusion later.

The next step will need the help of the measuring tape. Place it inside the window recess and measure across the inside of the frame. This means measuring from one end to the other.

It is best to do this on both the top and bottom parts of the frame. This is because not all windows are created to be a perfect square.

Take note of the measurements on the piece of paper prepared. If the window is not a perfect square, the “shortest width” will be used as a guide. Doing so will ensure good fitting Venetian blinds from top to bottom.

The next part that needs to be measured is the vertical drop. This is the length from the top of the inside recess until the base of the windowsill. Again, do not forget to write down the measurement in the paper.

The last step is to double-check that all measurements are correct. This is a crucial step, so do not forget to do this. This extra step will ensure that the Venetian blinds will fit perfectly on the window.

Step-by-step Guide to Measure for Venetian Blinds – ‘Outside’ Mount

Step-by-step Guide to Measure for Venetian Blinds – ‘Outside’ Mount

‘Outside’ mount Venetian blinds are perfect for windows with architraves, which are the timber or metal frame around windows. Yes, it is possible to do outside mount for windows without these frames.

To request an outside mount without any architraves, just ensure to add at least 100mm to the measurements. This applies to both the width and length of the windows.

Another thing to take into consideration is the type of wall material. For instance, if installing on a plaster wall or gyprock, it is best to locate the stud in the wall.

Once the installation is in progress, secure the blinds on the stud. This will ensure that the blinds are supported and carry the weight of the blinds.

Measuring for the outside mount is like the steps for an inside mount. Just take note of the architrave when measuring.

Start by drawing a square or rectangle to serve as your window frame. Label each drawing properly, especially if measuring multiple windows.

Grab the tape measure and place it on the outer part of the architrave. Begin measuring along the width of the window until the opposite edge whilst writing down the measurements on the prepared paper.

The next part to measure is the vertical drop. Place the tape measure from the top of the architrave. It is also possible to measure the blind until the desired end.

Venetian blinds may be extended until the floor; consider this when measuring the vertical drop. Those who want to be creative can extend beyond the end of the architrave.

Like an ‘inside’ mount, all measurements should be double-checked to ensure accuracy. The installation of Venetian blinds will go smoothly if the measurements are also done correctly.

Measuring for Split Venetian Blinds

Measuring for Split Venetian Blinds

Split Venetian blinds are ideal for large windows or windows with a defined split. Measuring these types of windows is also pretty easy.

Draw a rectangle or square but split it into two in the diagram. Do the same thing on the actual windows – put a mark where one would like to split the blinds.

Proceed with measuring the width of the windows. For windows with a recess,  measure from one edge to the split point mark. On the other hand, for outside mount, measure the width where the blinds will end until the split mark.

For the vertical drop, make sure to measure in three places.

Take note of all measurements and double check them to ensure accurate measurements.

Additional Tips When Measuring Venetian Blinds

  • It is best to measure all the windows in the house. Just because there are two windows in the kitchen does not mean that both windows have the same width and height.
  • Drawing a square or rectangle is helpful. However, it will also be helpful to write down “width” or “drop” in the measurements. This will avoid any confusion when ordering custom Venetian blinds.
  • Most companies will ask for millimetres (mm). Make sure this is ready when contracting a blinds company.
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