Basswood & Cedar Venetian


Discover the Natural Beauty of Basswood & Cedar Venetian Blinds for your Home or Office.

It is no wonder that Timber Venetian Blinds are in high demand. Even though they have been in use for centuries, they are still considered extremely stylish with a timeless appeal that continues to trend as one of the most popular options for window coverings. As well as giving you control over light and ventilation in your room, timber venetians offer a sleek and attractive design with a simple elegance that is hard to beat.

Why you should Choose Basswood & Cedar Venetian Blinds.

When you look at the natural qualities of both Basswood and Cedar, it’s easy to see why these blinds are such a premium product.


Basswood and Cedar are blended to give you the best properties you can expect from your Venetian Blinds. Basswood has a grain that is straight and smooth which means your wood will have a beautiful smooth texture with a pleasant uniform appearance. Cedar can resist moisture, fungi and other destructive microorganisms and will not rot even after prolonged contact with soil. Cedar also has antimicrobial qualities, meaning that your blinds could block harmful bacteria or fungi from entering your homes and offices. Both Basswood and Cedar are durable and produce natural oils that make them resistant to heat and moisture, minimising the chance of warping or cracking over time- even when exposed to sudden changes in heat or humidity. Wood also gives a luxury feel and smell to a room that can’t be faked.

Cost Effective

Even though wooden blinds cost more than plastic ones, they are much more efficient in the long run. With proper care and maintenance, timber blinds can easily last for up to 20 years. Timber is also an excellent natural insulator, which means that these blinds can significantly help regulating the temperature in your space and giving you lower power bills. They will also protect any of the furniture inside from UV exposure and fading, extending the life of your internal décor.

Easy to Maintain

Basswood and Cedar both have a relatively low density when compared to other types of wood, making these blinds lightweight. This is ideal because it will put less strain on window frames and walls. These woods are also easy to paint if you would like to match the colour scheme of a room, or simply staining it to highlight its natural beauty. Once installed, these blinds will only require an occasional wipe to remove dust and they will look good as new for years.

Environmentally Friendly

Blinds Deal sources the wood they use from slow growing, sustainable regions. Timber products are both recyclable and biodegradable and require far less energy to produce than synthetic products. Basswood & Cedar will outlast and outperform most other materials, even in the harshest of Australian conditions. This timber will also withstand a lot of punishment from kids and pets. This will result in less landfill waste from replacing more flimsy alternatives.

We offer Custom-Made Timber Venetians to suit your needs.

Customisation means versatility. At Blinds Deal, we offer a multitude of customisable options to make sure you’ll love the Venetians that have been designed to suit your individual needs. Treat yourself to this upgrade- one of the most affordable options for anyone looking to add sophistication to your room.

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