To measure your windows with an inside mount, start by measuring the width from the inside of the window frame, from top to bottom (you will have 3 measurements at the top middle and bottom), and then from side to side. Next, measure the height in the same way. For an outside mount, measure from the desired starting point and add extra width for coverage. Always choose the smallest measurements for a precise fit. For an in-depth process, please view our full online measuring guide.

You will need a few essential tools for DIY blind installation, including a tape measure to measure your windows accurately. A level helps ensure your blinds hang straight, a screwdriver is necessary for attaching brackets, and a drill is needed for drilling holes for mounting brackets if necessary.

In most cases, you can install blinds on different window types. However, it’s essential to select blinds that are suitable for the specific window type and size. For unique window shapes, consider our custom-made blinds. Talk to the Blinds Deal team for expert advice on the best type of blinds for your space.

Inside mount blinds fit within the window frame, creating a sleek and minimalistic look. Outside mount blinds are installed on the wall above the window frame, making them suitable for windows with limited depth or irregular shapes.

When selecting blinds, consider your preferences for light control and privacy. For more light, choose blinds with wider slats. Vertical blinds are excellent for sliding doors, while Roman shades offer an elegant, soft look.

In humid areas like bathrooms, it’s advisable to choose moisture-resistant materials such as PVC or faux wood blinds. These materials are less likely to warp or degrade in high humidity. Talk to our team about our range of Basswood, Cedar, and PVC blinds.

Our DIY blinds come with clear installation instructions, making it manageable for beginners. However, if you’re not confident, ask our team about professional installation services.

Some blinds can be trimmed to fit your windows. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines, as not all blinds are trimmable. It’s essential to measure accurately and follow instructions closely when attempting to trim blinds. View our guide online on how to correctly measure your windows for blinds.

Regular maintenance involves dusting your blinds with a duster or a vacuum cleaner attachment. For spot cleaning, use a damp cloth or sponge with mild detergent. Avoid excessive moisture to prevent damage.

Corded blinds have cords for raising and lowering, while cordless blinds use a simple push-and-pull mechanism. Cordless blinds are a safer option, especially in homes with children and pets.

Motorised blinds can be installed as a DIY project, but it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Ensure that you have access to a power source if needed.

Many of our DIY blinds offer a variety of customisation options, including colour and design choices. Check with a member of our team to explore the available options.

To block out light effectively, consider choosing blinds designed as blackout blinds. You can also add a blackout lining to your blinds for maximum light control.

Yes, you can install vertical blinds or panel track blinds on sliding glass doors. These options provide excellent coverage and are easy to operate. Talk to our team about the best options for your sliding glass door.

If your blinds don’t operate correctly, start by checking for tangled cords or misaligned slats. Refer to the manual that came with your blinds for specific troubleshooting tips. If the issue persists, contact the Blinds Deal team for assistance.

In homes with children and pets, it’s crucial to prioritise safety. Choose cordless blinds or motorised options to eliminate cord-related hazards. Additionally, consider cord cleats to keep cords out of reach.

Yes, some blinds are designed to provide insulation, which can help with energy efficiency. Look for blinds with thermal properties to reduce heat transfer through your windows, potentially lowering your energy costs.

To order custom-sized blinds, measure your windows accurately and contact the Blinds Deal team. We will guide you through the process of ordering blinds that fit your non-standard windows perfectly.

To achieve a professional finish, take your time during installation, follow the instructions closely, and use the right tools. Double-check your measurements and ensure the blinds are level and secure for a polished look.

Blinds Deal is known for its wide selection of high-quality blinds, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and eco-friendly options. We offer a no fuss replacement warranty for complete peace of mind and can design and manufacture our products to suit your individual requirements.