From Roman blinds to roller blinds, know your options for sustainable residential blinds.

Many of us consider sustainability a priority for home build or renovations. There are several environmental considerations to note, including the type of blinds.

You may think that the quality of window coverings may not matter when talking about sustainability. However, some types are more eco-friendly than others and will have an immense contribution to your household’s energy consumption. Here is an overview of what you need to know about choosing sustainable blinds for your home.

Advantages of Using Sustainable Blinds

Aside from helping you to save money, sustainable blinds have other benefits.

  • They maximise the use of natural light in your home, reducing the need for artificial light.
  • Instead of leaving the lights turned on for several hours, just open the blinds to let the natural light in. These will enable you to regulate the amount of natural light entering your home to make the most out of daylight hours.
  • They can greatly improve indoor air quality and minimise the amount of noise pollution at home.
  • They are low maintenance. Cleaning the blinds is simple and doesn’t need any special treatment. Wipe the slats using a damp cloth to maintain their sleek appearance.

Low maintenance means reducing the need to use harsh cleaning materials, which are usually harmful to the environment. Less water will also be consumed – an added benefit when it comes to being eco-friendly.

How to choose eco-friendly blinds

How to choose eco-friendly blinds

There are several factors to consider when you try to stay green with your chosen window covering.

1. Energy efficiency

Heat lost through the windows is a big cause of energy loss in the household.  Around 30% of the home’s heating energy is wasted. During colder seasons, approximately 76% of the sunlight that falls on windows permeates to become heat. Blinds can mitigate energy loss by regulating temperature, giving comfort, and reducing energy bills.

The downside is that the risk of your home getting too hot when it’s sunny outdoors. There’s a wide range of blinds that can lessen the sun’s glare to make it easier to remain cool.

2. Sustainability

Blinds produced from natural materials procured via eco-friendly methods are more sustainable. Such materials were grown without using dangerous chemicals or pesticides. Bamboo is a widely used material for sustainable blinds. It is guaranteed to be durable, strong, and marine-friendly.

Another great choice is recycled plastic. It requires lower energy and resources to manufacture as compared to standard vinyl blinds.

3. Manufacturing methods

Search for brands that make use of eco-friendly manufacturing methods, such as solar power.

You can also purchase Australian-manufactured blinds. This will help reduce the overseas transport footprint. The process is eco-friendly and lowers fuel and freight costs. In the long run, this will also help boost the local economy.

4. Option to Recycle

Think about the time your window blinds will reach the end of their life. Purchase from brands that have recycling programs in place. This way, you can recycle them instead of just disposing them to the landfill.

Top Eco-Friendly Window Blinds

Top Eco-Friendly Window Blinds

You can choose from the four types of eco-friendly blinds you can choose from: bamboo blinds, cellular blinds, Roman blinds, and roller blinds.

Bamboo blinds

Bamboo blinds are also called woven wood shades. They are composed of a combination of jute and natural bamboo. Each wooden shade is built with materials procured straight from the Earth. This means they are free from synthetic materials yet still has impeccable style and texture.

These are the perfect choice for those who prefer comfort with a rich and earthy feel. Keep them away from moisture and humidity to preserve the quality.

Still trying to decide about using bamboo? Other natural materials that can serve as alternatives include:

  • Hemp – similar in look to bamboo blinds but of a different material. It’s highly durable.
  • Coconut shell – can enhance a room’s character because of its unique look.
  • Jute – both renewable and biodegradable. It can also withstand wear and tear.

Roller blinds

These are a big hit among families because of their ease of use and cordless varieties. You can get brands with blackout or energy-efficient light filtering features.

You can also consider getting solar shades. They are made of smooth, weather-resistant fabric. Depending on the openness factor, they can protect you from a huge percentage of the sun’s UV rays.

Roman blinds

Both modern and traditional homes can enjoy the stylish look of Roman blinds. Whether you choose a solid colour or a bold pattern, they’ll surely match your personality.

Include a blackout liner or light filtering to make the shades eco-friendly. Several liners can also be added to protect your home from harmful temperatures and UV rays. Liners with thicker material have better insulation. Additionally, a bottom-up, top-down style allows you to get the right amount of brightness without affecting energy efficiency.

Cellular blinds

Those who want classic and sleek decoration matched with energy efficiency should go for cellular blinds. They are the perfect choice for eco-friendly homes since they were created to provide both insulation and protection.

Cellular blinds are popular for their light-blocking property and sheer effect. The window coverings give off a glowing ambience while reducing the movement of cold air during winter. These will also prevent heat from entering your home during summer. Its proper insulation is guaranteed to increase energy savings.

Get the best eco-friendly window blinds from Blinds Deal

Get the best eco-friendly window blinds from Blinds Deal.

One of the best decisions you’ll ever make when decorating your home is choosing sustainable blinds. However, you need to also ensure that they are durable and of high quality so they can stand the test of time. As a result, you’ll have less amount of waste generated and need fewer resources and energy to repurchase.

Blinds Deal has a wide range of blinds built with top-tier materials and components for you to choose from. We comply with stringent quality assurance guidelines to ensure you get the most out for your money. Call us today or email for enquiries.!